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      As Greg Swift (and the RSI team),
      I want a CentOS-based Repose image
      So that I can perform a simple rebuild of the official image to use the Rackspace managed CentOS image.

      The RSI team is maintaining a custom CentOS Docker image that allows them to control security patches and more. By providing an image that is based on CentOS, we make it much easier for the RSI team to rebuild our image.

      We also need to update the Dockerfile in Docker Hub that we use to build the images if it's still pointing to Dimitry's images.

      We may also have to set the user by id where we're doing "USER root".

      Something else to consider is the latest tag mechanism. We'll need to publish the Ubuntu and CentOS images to different repos so they can each have their own latest tag or we'll need to come up with a tagging mechanism to support it (e.g. "latest" and "latest-centos"). We may want to leave the current repo be the Ubuntu one and name the new one with CentOS at the end or have both of them include the OS in the name if we go the separate repo route.

      Acceptance Criteria:

      • A Docker image is published to Docker Hub that's based on CentOS 7.
      • Both Ubuntu and CentOS images are published with a latest tag.
      • Both Docker images include Java 8.




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