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      We currently only support whether or not a filter is run for a specific request based on the URL of the request. We should expand that ability to consider other criteria and also support logical operators.

      Filter options should include:

      • HTTP method
      • header value (regex)
        • presence of a header (if no value is provided)
      • URL (regex)

      Add support for these logical operators:

      • And
      • Or
      • Not

      We should add logging to help users determine why requests are going through certain filters and not others.

      Questions for config:

      • What does it look like?
        • See attachment.

      Questions for logging:

      • Should it be log file based (i.e. all (requests) or nothing), or should it be something that's triggered on a request header?
        • II will be configured in the log file.
      • Whether or not it's based on a log file or a request header, should we include different levels of information at Debug and Trace? For example, show which filters were were processed in Debug and why they were processed in Trace?
        • Yes.

      We won't be auto-generating the objects during build time. Instead, we'll be generating them once, add some logic in, then tell JAXB not to generate these specific objects, etc.

      Acceptance Criteria:

      • Users are able to configure whether or not a request goes through a filter based on the HTTP method, the header value (including the presence of), and the URL.
      • Users are able to use the logical operators and, or, and not to chain compose a logical expression.
      • An assertion is added that ensures that the old uri-regex and the new feature are not used at the same time.
      • The uri-regex attribute is marked as deprecated.
      • Logging is added to help operators determine why requests go through each filter without having to turn on Intrafilter Logging.


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