The Content Type Stripper filter strips out the content-type header when no content body is present or when the first eight bytes of the content body are white space. When content body is present, requests will pass through to the next filter or to the origin service without any alteration.

General filter information

Filter name: content-type-stripper

Filter configuration: non-configurable

Released: version


Required headers: The Content Type Stripper filter has no required request headers.

Required preceding filters: The Content Type Stripper has no required preceding filters.

Standard filter order: If you are using other filters in your system model configuration, refer to the standard filter order table to determine where to place the Content Type Stripper filter.

Configurable parameters

The Content Type Stripper filter has no configurable parameters. Place the filter into your system model, and it is ready to use. 

Return codes and conditions

This filter does not return specific response codes. The request will simply pass through to the next filter or to the origin service.

Request headers created

The Content Type Stripper does not create any request headers.