Request-response modification filters

Filter name
XML schema definition
Example configuration
Recorded demo
Add Headeradd-headeradd-header.xsdadd-header.cfg.xmlAdds arbitrary static headers to a request or a response. -
Body Extractor to Headerbody-extractor-to-headerbody-extractor-to-header.xsdbody-extractor-to-header.cfg.xmlThe Body Extractor to Header filter can extract a value from the request body and put it in a header in the request.-
Body Patcherbody-patcherbody-patcher.xsdbody-patcher.cfg.xmlThe Body Patcher Filter allows changes to the request/response body based on a path regex and content type. Currently only JSON is supported, but XML support is planned for the future. Changes take the form of JSON Patches as defined in RFC-6902.-
Content Type Strippercontent-type-stripper--Strips out the content-type header when no content body is present or when the first eight bytes of the content body are white space. -
Forwarded Protocolforwarded-proto--Adds the X-Forwarded-Proto header to a request if not already present.-

Header Normalization

header-normalizationheader-normalization-configuration.xsdheader-normalization.cfg.xmlCleans the request to prevent unexpected request headers.-
Header Translation header-translationheader-translation.xsdheader-translation.cfg.xmlTranslates a request header to one or many other headers. There is an option to remove the original header or leave it in place.-
Merge Headermerge-headermerge-header.xsdmerge-header.cfg.xmlCombines multiple headers by the same name into a single, comma-separated value. You can use the filter with the request and the response. -
Translation translationtranslation-configuration.xsdtranslation.cfg.xmlTranslates requests and responses so that services receive the request in the expected format and the responses are returned to the client in the expected format.-
URL Extractor to Headerurl-extractor-to-headerurl-extractor-to-header.xsdurl-extractor-to-header.cfg.xmlThe filter can extract a portion of the request URL and put it in a header in the request.-
URI Normalization uri-normalizationuri-normalization-configuration.xsduri-normalization.cfg.xmlAllows normalization of a request's query parameters and media type.-
URI Stripper uri-stripperuri-stripper.xsduri-stripper.cfg.xmlStrips out a specific section of the request URI and edits the Location if there is one present in the response.URI Stripper