Other filters

Filter name
XML schema definition
Example configuration
Recorded Demo
API (WADL/XSD) Validationapi-validatorvalidator-configuration.xsdvalidator.cfg.xmlValidates all requests based on an XSD and WADL.
Compression compressioncontent-compression-configuration.xsdcompression.cfg.xmlWith this filter, Repose supports decompressing request data and compressing response data. This filter is available in Repose versions 2.7 and later.Compression
CORS Filtercors



Adds support for CORS.-
Delegation Response Processor (DeRP)
derp--Rejects requests containing the X-Delegated header. -
Destination Router destination-routerdestination-router-configuration.xsddestination-router.cfg.xml  

Adds a routing destination at a configured quality. After the request has been processed by all filters, Repose chooses the destination that has the highest quality. Available in Repose versions 2.0 and later.

Flush Output Streamflush-output--Forces Repose to flush any data buffered in the filter chain to the output stream.  

Highly Efficient Record Processor (HERP)

herphighly-efficient-record-processor.xsdhighly-efficient-record-processor.cfg.xmlLogs an event for each API request. These logs provide information regarding the processing of each request.-

IRI Validation

iri-validation--Verifies that the request URI has been properly converted from an IRI.-
Simple RBACsimple-rbacsimple-rbac.xsdsimple-rbac.cfg.xmlProvides role authorization for services without the need to create a WADL. -
SLF4J HTTP Loggingslf4j-http-loggingslf4j-http-logging-configuration.xsdslf4j-http-logging.cfg.xmlAllows logging of information in HTTP requests that are sent to Repose and responses from Repose.-
Versioningversioningversioning-configuration.xsdversioning.cfg.xmlEnables REST services to version updates without causing end-client breakage. -
Scripting Filterscriptingscripting.xsdscripting.cfg.xmlEnables users to write custom filters for Repose using a variety of scripting languages. Custom filters can be used to perform arbitrary processing with access to the certain bindings, including the request and response.-