Header Identity filter



This filter has been renamed to Header User in Repose version 8.


The Header Identity filter can introspect a configured header and set the X-PP-User and X-PP-Groups headers accordingly.

General filter information

Filter name: header-identity

Filter configuration: header-identity.cfg.xml

Released: version 1.1.2 -*

* available in release as Header User filter


Required headers: The Header Identity filter has no required request headers.

Required preceding filters: The Header Identity filter has no required preceding filters.

Standard filter order: If you are using other filters in your system model configuration, refer to the standard filter order table to determine where to place the Header Identity filter.

Configurable parameters

XML schema definition

Example configuration

Configure the Header Identity filter by editing the header-identity.cfg.xml. Add the filter to the Repose deployment through the system model configuration by editing the following elements and attributes.





<header-identity>-RequiredSpecifies the sub-elements and attributes to define your header identity configuration.
<source-headers>-RequiredLists the headers to identify the incoming user.


-RequiredDefines the header to identify incoming user.

idRequiredNames the header key that is applied to the X-PP-Group header. The header value associated with this key is applied to the X-PP-User header.

qualityOptionalDefines the quality assigned to users found in the request headers. If no quality is set, Repose will default this value to 0.1

Example Config:


<header-identity  xmlns:xsi='http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema-instance'
   xsi:schemaLocation='http://docs.api.rackspacecloud.com/repose/header-identity/v1.0 ../config/header-identity-configuration.xsd'>

      <header id="X-Header-User" quality=".25"/>


Curlcurl -X GET http://address.to.service.n01/item -H "x-header-user:reposeuser1"

Return codes and conditions

This filter does not return specific response codes. The request will simply pass through to the next filter or to the origin service.

Request headers created

The Header Identity filter will set X-PP-User and X-PP-Groups headers with the quality value that you configure. The default quality value is 0.1.