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  1. REP-3502

Identify the use of all JAXB created List's and determine if their users handle empty/default properly


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      When specifying default for lists, JAXB isn't really setting the default. We should ensure that the handling of all JAXB defined List's are doing the appropriate thing when the returned List is empty.

      Why? attributes that are a list, when default specified, the default doesn't get specified properly. There's code to handle not getting the proper default.

      What's happening? Rate limiting default of all isn't getting the default, making the default none on no methods. But - this could be happening in other places. Default values in schema, when it takes a list of items, the default isn't being set in JAXB.
      This was self-found and self-diagnosed. Vejendar had wadl problems which Bill normalized and found this issue. For Vejendar, we fixed his WADL and explicitly set defaults.

      Then What?
      2 ways of validating: First way is to have validator -validate. Second way, which is our approach, is give me this message and get result as a doc, it's the default value of all values of schema filled in, then pass it to jaxb. This second way will always fill in the lists. (pass that dom) over to JAXB is taken out of the equation and the big isn't hit.

      We think this is a few lines of code in the config service. We will also have dead code to clean up... we estimated this at a 5 because of these reasons.

      Acceptance Criteria:

      • Default values for lists are set properly
      • Dead code/cleanup is done




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